Miley Cyrus Liberty Walk irks Occupy Wall Street protest leader? (video)

The Occupy Wall Street movement might have a new theme song. Miley Cryus made a video called Liberty Walk. Using news reel footage from television stations world-wide, she paints a very unflattering picture of the American government. But were her reasons for making the video less about patriotism and more about making a profit?

Who is Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus did a smart thing by throwing together a song and new music video that is dedicated to all the protesters involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Or did she? One of the protest leaders claiming the new pop song irritates her and she is challenging the celebrity teen to do something about it.

TMZ is reporting Priscilla Grim, a woman known for being an “influential leader” of the Occupy Wall Street movement, seriously dissed the Disney princess when she criticized Miley Cyrus for capitalizing on their protest movement.

Grim thinks Cyrus is all capital gains talk and no action when it comes to giving her celebrity endorsement to the now world-wide occupy movement.

Priscilla Grim is the co-editor of a publication called “The Occupied Wall Street Journal”.

Here’s the video in question — released on YouTube (of course) where the teen scene celeb stands to earn a pretty penny from the ad revenue.

The new Miley Cyrus music video was created from a collection of news video clips. The song, Liberty Walk, is something the singer claims to have recorded as, “a rocking tribute to the movement and its members around the world.”

But the #OCCUPYWALLSTREET protesters are not unanimously buying her claim that the video and song were made altruistically. There has been speculation by protestors like Grim that Miley Cyrus simply is trying to cash in and become the new voice of the American Anthem.

After the song Party In The USA went viral as the theme song to celebrate the demise of Osama Bin Laden, her famous family members and press team had to have noticed there are big bucks to be made if they are successful as branding Miley Cyrus as a blue-collar pop culture icon who sings All-American anthems.

[Yes, we agree — celebrating the death of an evil man might feel right on the surface but is ultimately garish.]

That might be why Grim thinks Miley’s song is simply an empty gesture — and why she’s daring the actress and pop music sensation to give up some of her 1% money to help the rest of America and to head on down to any city she wants to join protesters who are camping out and risking arrest to protest tax breaks for wealthy millionaires and big corporations.

We hear ya, Priscilla.

But don’t be surprised if Miley Cyrus takes advantage of you throwing down the gauntlet to come down to a protest and make a well-timed press appearance. After all, she might be Southern and a little bit back-woods country, but those cultural roots don’t make her an idiot.