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Poor Lindsay Lohan suffers through house arrest at luxury beach home?

[May 27]

Beach House — not a phrase you would equate with house arrest or anything less than a glamorous vacation retreat, unless (that is) you are a Disney Princess. Sweet little Lindsay Lohan is being forced to suffer 35 whole days of remaining at her luxury town home at the beach under the terms of a court ordered jail time says entertainment journal TMZ. The Beach House is supposed to serve as her home away from her jailhouse blues, as staying a month with general population might be too risky for the state of California to allow the pop tart prison-ette to do. If Lindsay Lohan will really be confined to a month of rest and relaxation during her house arrest beach stay, the courts might have goofed up. Why? Because if LiLo gets the idea in her head that every time she F’s up that she will be able to take a nice long vacation, she will more than likely keep shoplifting and binge drinking and partying like she is the lone star of an 80s hair band.

Life is a beach, or so they say — but not every person in the world can be so lucky as to stay at a beach house even for an afternoon, let alone more than a month! Beach living is fairly laid back in sunny California, and to own or rent a beach house for a long weekend, a holiday like Memorial Day, or as some other get away place for you and your family is a luxury few can afford but almost all envy.

Beach House Rentals in California net investment property owners a small fortune when star celebs come to stay. Offering Hollywood guests and their visitors a private place to get away from it all and to play nets big dollars in the real estate market, as real estate agents are paid a commission each time they broker a rental or vacation package deal on a waterfornt place.

Fortunately for the song bird turned jail bird, her acting talent and Disney songs have earned LiLo enough money for the glamorous long-term house arrest stay. Whether or not Lindsay Lohan was thinking about vacation rental time when she stole the jewelry from the boutique in LA remains to be seen, but her vocals surely have earned her more than enough to pay her own way.

Is it any wonder, then, why TMZ paparazzi photos show a sun-kissed bleach-blonde Lindsay Lohan under house arrest at home with a huge smile on her pretty face?

Prior to starting her house arrest, Lindsay Lohan had another celebrity OOPS wardrobe malfunction during a photo shoot in Miami Beach.

Lindsay Dee Lohan (born 2 July 1986) is an American born Hollywood actress, model and pop music singer who got her start as a Disney Princess. Lohan (a.k.a. LiLo) first started in show business as a child. As what? As a fashion model.