Pit Bull attacks Lindsay Lohan with lawyers (not lyrics this time)

A rapper named Pit Bull has attacked former Disney princess Lindsay Lohan with lawyers (not lyrics this time). Lilo is suing him for using her name in one of his rap songs in a way her lawyers feel was defamatory. What is the rap music singer saying about the pop star now?

Disney Princess Lindsay Lohan has had a rough year. She’s been in and out of jail and rehab between doing short stints of charity benefit work for organizations like the One Campaign (which fights against extreme poverty and homelessness) and the humanitarian organization most famous for their disaster relief efforts — the Red Cross.

Her career has suffered as a result of her legal indiscretions and dalliances with both drugs and alcohol over the years. And although she appears at times to have made some progress this past few years months weeks …. ah, forgetWho is Lindsay Lohandaboutit. The Mean Girls star celeb continues to struggle daily.

Presently, she narrowly avoided yet another mandatory jail sentence — only spending a few short hours again in the pokey. She still has community service obligations to fulfill at the LA County Coroners office, and now she is barred from leaving the country. According to the judges ruling, she may leave California, but only with permission from a strict new parole officer to curb her penchant for international partying.

Stripped down to only attending California parties and forced to do janitorial work at the county morge for her community service hours… poor girl.

But localizing LiLo hasn’t kept the star celeb from making waves across the country and getting her name featured in mainstream press.

Lohan is embroiled in a very public legal tiff with a rapper named Pit Bull.

The star claims lyrics he rapped in his hit song Give Me Everything were “by virtue of its wide appeal, condemnation, excoriation, disparaging or defamatory statements by the defendants about the plaintiff [and] are destined to do irreparable harm to the plaintiff,” according to papers filed in her lawsuit against the rabid rap star, reports SoJones.

At first Pit Bull shrugged the lawsuit off, said the Daily Mail, and he claimed that the lyrics had nothing to do with LiLo’s recent legal troubles. Pit Bull is quoted as saying, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan is not actually about prison time, but instead a positive message about running your particular corner of the ‘hood.'”

While the truth of that claim is debatable at best, Pit Bull (now turning aggressive) has decided to step it up a notch.

The rapper filed a counter-suit against Lindsay Lohan. In it he claimed that she had no right to sue him for libel because it is common knowledge she had (in fact) been in jail. Quite often, recently. The rapper also noted that the suit was filed in New York instead of California, where Lohan has “irrevocable ties.” That could turn out to be a strategic error. The counter suit suggests the suit be moved to federal court.

But LiLo is not the only Lohan family member whose name was in the news this week for legal troubles.

Her dad, Michael Lohan, was charged last week with domestic violence in Florida. That charming news about his home sweet home antics hit the press following back to back arrests for roughing up his ex-girlfriend Kate Major. She alleges he went after her twice within two days in October, in spite of being ordered not to even dream of her. Miss Major testified tearfully to the judge about incessant phone calls from Daddy Lohan.

If it’s not one Lohan it’s another… she’s fighting a Pit Bull and he’s acting like a bad one, refusing to let go of his prey or to stop attacking her. No wonder the twenty-something celebrity has such major emotional problems that seem to be screwing up all the best movie contracts.

Another problem plaguing the starlet lately is money. If Lindsay Lohan is having trouble staying employed amid all the legal drama, how is she paying to hire these lawyers? While they might be fighting her legal battles for her on contingency, word is she’s actually anteing up money to pad the pockets of her attorneys until she gets herself a big fat settlement check from somebody.

According to the Daily Mail, since she’s not making cash right now from new movie rolls, she signed up to do a piece for Playboy. Her press camp say the photo spread has been done tastefully. They further revealed the pictoral of Lilo in the buff will be something of a thematic tribute to a personal idol of hers — the dead actress Marilyn Monroe.

Let’s just hope that between all the jail time, family problems, and wild partying that her star doesn’t burn out like Marilyn Monroe’s did as well.