Justin Bieber News: The Biebs new haircut makes Beatles bangs un-cool?

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Celebrity Hairstyles — the Biebs new haircut makes Beatles bangs un-cool?

[Feb. 21]

Gen Me singing celebrity teen star Justin Bieber has traded in his trademark bowl-shaped Beatles bangs hairstyle for a fresher, bolder looking haircut. The new haircut is more tossed and shaggy, freer perhaps than the haircut fans are used to. He got the haircut on the set of a music video he is shooting with Rascal Flatts. Justin Bieber made a stir last year when he got a haircut that freshened things up a bit and left fans gawking. Now, fans aren’t sure what to think of Bieber.

Gen Me singing celebrity teen star Justin Bieber cut his hair willingly to boot. On TMZ Live today, the Biebs said the actual cutting was done by his regular hairdresser Vanessa. He said he was a little nervous about the cut, but he “wanted to change it up” and he thought the cut was “kind of a mature look.”

Justin Bieber recently was killed off in the latest episode of CSI, where he played troubled teen and villainous heartthrob Jason McCann. In the final episode, the Biebs was still sporting his eye-hovering bowl style haircut, but that now has changed. Justin Bieber apparently is looking to grow up a bit. Justin Bieber has said in an interview that, while his first love is still music and singing, he’s very much interested in taking on some other acting roles. Maybe the Bieb’s new haircut has something to do with that. We only can speculate.

Whether Justin Bieber is planning to pursue some new television (or maybe even film) roles, fans can look forward to his new haircut and his appearance with a new music video with Rascal Flatts. A lot of fans probably would like to see him make a reappearance on CSI next season, or maybe on one of the several CSI spin-offs, but there is no news about that. Bieber has given no indication of what sort of acting he might like to pursue. But no doubt about it — given the hoopla over the pop star’s new haircut, Bieber fever is alive and well … and maybe just a bit hotter than before, with the “mature” new haircut.

Green Celebrity Stats: Singer Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is not just a talented celebrity teen. He is also a green celebrity figure for being a pet friendly humanitarian. He was a headliner with Sting at Larry King’s two-hour telethon to benefit victims of the Gulf Oil spill. He also perfromed for the World Leadership Awards, chaired by Bill Clinton and Usher, to award individuals and organizations contributing to youth leadership and service. Other notable organizations Justin Bieber supports are Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Jumpstart, and Give Back Hollywood Foundation.