Celebrity Dating: New career for LiLo dad Michael Lohan as Gigolo?



Pity date, anyone?

Michael Lohan selling himself like a Gigolo, hoping some poor lucky man or woman will buy him as a date so he can donate a portion of his man-whore wages to rehab charities…

[Apr. 22]

As if Michael Lohan hadn’t embarrassed Disney princess daughter Lindsay Lohan of The Parent Trap by going on Celebrity Rehab earlier this year, the father who also has struggled with addiction is now putting himself on the auction block for dating website WhatsYourPrice.com, which solicits dates to members who are willing to pay, according to RadarOnline.

Michael Lohan reportedly has asked for $10,000 to go out on a date. He says he will require airfare if the date is out of state, and he insists on first class travel and at least a four-star hotel. You might think this is just a ploy for more attention, although one could argue it’s not the kind of positive attention the embattled father needs right now, but he says otherwise.

Michael Lohan told RadarOnline:

“I’m willing to do this in order to donate the money to a rehab and recovery program or programs,” Lohan told RadarOnline.

In addition to appearing on Celebrity Rehab, Michael Lohan was recently in the news late last month when authorities arrested him on charges of domestic violence against a cohabitant, stemming from a woman’s complaint in an apartment near West Hollywood, People reported. Police say the troubled actor did not appear to be intoxicated and did cooperate. The victim was not identified and refused medical treatment.

[Clearly the kind of guy you want to fly out to service you first class.]

It seems odd that Michael Lohan would be willing to sell himself for a date, given his recent troubles with women and his celebrity status. Also, given the fact that he’s been open about addiction and his daughter, Lindsay Lohan, is still facing legal troubles of her own following a stint in rehab, one would think he’s not the ideal date candidate. But who knows? Some women may disagree.

Not exactly the green celebrity type, maybe Michael Lohan hopes to mend his relationship with the charitable green celebrity Lindsay Lohan by doing something charitable in the name of rehab. Perhaps that was his intention by appearing on Celebrity Rehab. Let’s just hope he doesn’t do anything to sink Lindsay’s role in the new film Gotti: Three Generations with John Travolta.

Scratch that. Word on the street is she already lost the lead role playing John Gotti’s daughter Victoria Gotti, but will instead play a lesser role of a mobster wife.