Hollywood Gossip: How old is bachelor George Clooney, really?

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How old is bachelor George Clooney, really?

[May 29]

How old is George Clooney? The Hollywood actor George Clooney is famous for his roles in Oceans 11, O Brother Where Art Thou, and more recently The American and Fantastic Mr. Fox turned 50 years old in 2011. While he chose to celebrate his 50th birthday quietly with his girlfriend rather than hosting a lavish Hollywood birthday party, he is not embarrassed to be getting old and gray. In fact, the older he gets, the more he seems to enjoy being him!

Comedian Joan Rivers has the hots for him, and says she thinks he is an elegant and charming man — but she is a single lady who is like 100 (we are kidding — the Go Daddy Girl always looks young, vital, sexy, and amazing in our humble opinion). Getting girls like Joan Rivers — and making his big television debut back in the day on the hit sit com Golden Girls? C’mon. Don’t you all feel an AARP celebrity endorsement deal coming on?

Actress Jennifer Aniston has also said that now that she is over forty and wants to make babies, she wants to marry actor George Clooney. The strange news about her plan for the perfect marriage comes as a shock to many, as Hollywood actor George Clooney is the best friend of her ex-husband Brad Pitt (who now lives with actress Angelina Jolie and the celebrity couple’s six kids).

What’s more, while still a devout bachelor, George Clooney is very much involved and living with young Italian swimsuit model Elisabetta Canalis. Eli (short for Elisabetta) wants no children at this time, instead preferring to dote on her dogs as a pet friendly celebrity and animal rights activist. [She recently posed nude for PETA in their campaign against wearing fur.] Elisabetta Canalis is only in her thirties.

E! Online news reports the model was by her boyfriend’s side as recently as a few weeks ago, when the two celebrated Clooney’s 50th birthday at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, with a star-studded group of friends, but says the celebrity couple are not heading down the aisle.


In a recent celebrity Jennifer Aniston, still single and still embodying the look of the perfect girl next door, told a reporter she thought she and Clooney should get married and make celebrity babies.

Seriously, but shamelessly uncouth as the public declaration has undoubtedly created some nervous [or at least jealous] tension between Elisabetta and George Clooney.

The news Aniston thinks she and Clooney ought to hook up, get married, and have a few kids hit the tabloid media as part of a quip she made in a celebrity interview, says the George Clooney Examiner.

In all reality, Aniston was joking to a UK Magazine about settling down with Clooney, hinting that while she thinks of herself as the world’s most famous Bachelorette that George Clooney is her natural paramour as the world’s most eligible Bachelor.

George Clooney, however, seems to be quite content living with his current mistress, Elisabetta Canalis. The two share his celebrity home on the shores of Lake Como in Italy and jet back and forth to the United States where Clooney also owns a mansion in California.

George and Elisabetta have entertained many other celebrity couples at their Italian estate since getting together more than a year ago, and are considered a Hollywood fixture as a celebrity couple on the red carpet.

To date, there are no marriage plans in the works being reported by either George Clooney or Elisabetta Canalis. As such, despite plentiful rumors on the celebrity gossip circuit that George Clooney has already popped the question to Eli it is likely Clooney will continue to remain a bachelor.

But he won’t be on The Bachelor (reality television series).

However, if he does not pony up with an engagement ring for sexy Elisabetta Canalis he might be a bachelor sleeping alone for a while.

With her popularity on the rise world-wide thanks to all the red carpet exposure the swimsuit model and MTV talk show host has had since landing in the bed of the world’s most eligible bachelor who is NOT royalty, she has the attention of wealthy and powerful men around the world who would surely like to court and woo her.

And funny or not, George Clooney is getting older. There may come a time when he physically cannot keep up with her.

Then again, he might turn out to be just like bachelor Hugh Hefner — marrying some twenty something girl when actor George Clooney hits his 80s.

Right now, the only thing different between those two men is Hugh Hefner prefers blondes, while George Clooney seems to always fall for brunettes.

And we feel another one coming on soon — likely to arrive the next time the humanitarian green celebrity who has been such a staunch advocate for causes like ending genocide in Darfur and helping earthquake victims tries to dodge another series of gay celebrity rumors and needs to take a lovely escort down the red carpet walk to be photographed with him at his next new George Clooney movie premiers.