Too much privacy wrecking Johnny Depp and Vanessa Pardis’ relationship?

Did Johnny Depp keep a celebrity split from girlfriend Vanessa Pardis a secret from the press for the past two years? That’s what some rumors mills reports are speculating about the actor breaking up with his long-time girlfriend and baby mama model Vanessa Pardis. Granted, since the celebrity couple are still technically together and neither of their press camps have reported either of the international stat celebs are romantically eligible, their claims the actor hid the fact he and his sweetheart split does not seem to hold much water yet, but still.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa PardisJohnny Depp and Vanessa Pardis have been very elusive and kept their private lives (for the most part) out of the tabloids the past 14 years. They spend half their time living a very rural lifestyle in a tiny French town and quite a bit of the rest of their time staying in their eco-friendly home on their private island near the Bahamas.While building a sustainable retreat that requires little contact with the outside world for residents to live and thrive successfully sounds like a great idea on the surface, that privacy can easily turn to REDRUM type The Shining madness for a couple trapped with only one another and their kids for company.

Perhaps that is why when they are on the mainland Johnny Depp and Vanessa Pardis take time away from one another? Could he reality of their situation be they mutually agree to vacation alone — trusting one another fully not to get their names mixed up in ny tabloid fodder generating hanky-panky like Khloe Kardashian’s husband Lamar Odom [who got involved with when he was photographed while acting like a single man on vacation, partying with strippers at a DC night club last week]?

When Pardis failed to make an appearance at the premier of The Rum Diary, Hollywood insiders wondered why she would fail to show up as his arm candy date on the red carpet. She also skipped the red carpet appearances for the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Both mainstream media and celebrity gossip bloggers have questioned why she was not there to support Depp at either appearance.

Access Hollywood, for instance, wrote, “The latest evidence pointing to a possible split? Sunday‚Äôs Golden Globe Awards ceremony, where Johnny reportedly arrived solo, joined show host Ricky Gervais onstage for a presentation, and then left immediately.” [But we could blame Gervais for forcing Johnny Depp to admit he had never watched the movie The Tourist he co-starred in with actress Angelina Jolie for his lightning fast disappearance.]

Now granted, know one really knows if she failed to appear because the star celebs have split or perhaps for a more simple reason (like she or one of their two darling celebrity kids was sick), but that has not stopped entertainment news writers from gossiping about them. Hollywood insiders are speculating that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Pardis have been on the rocks for years, a byproduct of their mutual unwillingness to make a marriage commitment.

While staying single but being in a committed relationship co-parenting kids might not be every woman’s dream, apparently the chance to get to sleep with Johnny Depp regularly has been enough of an incentive for the always aloof looking Vanessa Pardis to stay with him while raising their kids.

NY Post reports:

The magazine charges that Paradis’ absence at the Parisian premiere of “The Rum Diary” was especially peculiar, as she was reported to be in the city at the time, staying at a different hotel than Depp.

“She went instead to a concert that night,” a source said. “It was weird and pretty clear: You’re in town and don’t go to the premiere of your husband’s film?”

While Depp and Paradis never married, they do have two children together. Sources say that the two are currently in Los Angeles, far from their home base in the French village of Plan-de-la-Tour, but that they are living in separate houses. The couple reportedly owns multiples properties there.

Another source tells People, “My sense is that this is a couple which hasn’t existed for two years.

Knowing Johnny Depp is an odd man and creative genius, one would think if he gave you his word he was in the relationship long-term (without all the legality of making a public fuss to get married) that he would keep it. Trusting your partner, if he told you it was totally okay for you to skip yet another boring red carpet event, would you feel guilty missing it?

Reading so many stories now that Depp is very emotionally fragile and on the edge while trying to keep a facade that he and Pardis are happy together and in love now that the newness of the relationship and a touch of their mutual youthful sex appeal has worn off is disconcerting at best. Watching celebrity interviews where he talks about his relationship, he in no way for even a moment sounds clingy, needy, jealous, or anything less than emotionally healthy and independent.

Yes, he is a bit twitchy and tweeked-out looking at times and he has magically acquired a really funny non-American accent, but still. He’s Johnny Depp, the famous humanitarian actor who is loved dearly by nearly every member of Gen X.

As far as relationships go, any couple (famous or not) that spends so much time together in isolated spots is going to face a very different type of challenge than most couples face who struggle to find a few waking moments each day to spend time together at all.

While normal couple’s must find time to spend date nights alone, couples who live together in a close quarters environment and spend nearly 24/7 with one another have to actually struggle to make time to spend alone or with other human beings socializing or just going out.

When Depp first announced he was building an eco home on the private island, it sounded like a cool project for a vacation spot. Knowing the only way to get there was by boat and that all the organic farming was done on the island so the celebs would rarely have to food shop is a wonderful eco-friendly lifestyle statement, but what do you do if the person you are doing it with starts to either annoy or bore you?

Depp’s press camps have not confirmed a split, but that may be because the celebrity parents simply plan to take time apart from one another when he’s working on the mainland and she wants to connect with normal people, family, and friends. If they are having problems and he’s been hiding it, we here at Green Celebrity Network wish the celebrity couple all the best.

Whether breaking up or staying together while raising kids, it’s a tough job no matter which way you look at it. That tension is multiplied by living in a fish bowl as star celebs, but quadrupled when you spend all your time holed up like fugitives or hostages trying to avoid seeing your name and candid off-set photos on the front page of the tabs.