No doubt Demi Moore will recover from scandal says Kirstie Alley

Actress Demi Moore, 49, is having a pretty rough time of things lately. She split with Ashton Kutcher (with whom she co-founded the DNA Foundation) over his cheating. And she revealed she struggles with body image and extreme weight loss issues, feeling unwanted and unloved. So it’s clear she’s trying to escape something deep inside. But friends and fans like actress Kirstie Alley are confident that the humanitarian actress and mother, recently hospitalized after having “smoked something,” has what it takes to face her demons head on.

Celebrity friends Demi Moore and Kirstie AlleyKirstie Alley, 61, is a former competitor on Dancing With The Stars. Since her appearance on the show, she’s also become a new celebrity diet spokesperson. The former star of the television series Cheers and movie star pal of actor John Travolta says she is positive that her celebrity friend Demi Moore will be able to fully recover from the latest celebrity scandal. Even more so, Alley thinks Demi will also be able to conquer the uphill battle she is fighting with herself to manage her personal life.

If anyone knows about body image issues, it’s Alley, who long has been criticized for her yo-yo dieting and struggle with weight loss. Granted, she’s gained weight while Demi Moore has lost too much, but still. She’s learned to laugh at herself and accept herself for who she is, scoring second place on Dancing with the Stars and pleasantly surprising millions, in spite of her concerns about her weight and size.

Maxsim Chmerkovskiy almost pulled a groin muscle while he hefted her around on the dance floor but still — he survived it and she was willing and able to follow though with it. [Good girl.]

According to EntertainmentWise, Alley said:

“Demi is a smart, insightful girl and she will work through it. I have no doubts. I love Demi. She’ll work it out.”

Alley was in New York, visiting former Dancing with the Stars partner Maksim, and he weighed in as well about the Demi Moore hospitalized celebrity scandal news as well. His take on the health crisis the movie star was going through was that the tremendous pressure of your personal life going public was at the root. He allegedly told People:

“It’s sad that a lot of stuff is public knowledge,” he says. “With situations like this, you could deal without everybody knowing about it. From what I know of her and from [what] people who know her say, she’s an amazing, strong woman and I hope she’ll be all right.”

ThirdAge says Demi Moore dropped out of her role in the upcoming Lovelace, confirming that Sarah Jessica Parker has stepped in to fill the controversial role. Some celebrity gossip sites are reporting that Moore dropped out voluntarily while other rumor mills are saying she is crushed and heartbroken over losing what she felt might have been her comeback part. Hearing the Sex In the City Star stole her part cannot be terribly comfortable for Demi, as the actress (and wife of Broadway and film icon Matthew Broderick) is likely to knock it our of the park.

And rumors are swirling that the unidentified substance Moore was smoking before she was hospitalized is just the latest in a history of drug and alcohol use the humanitarian actress has been engaging in to escape her troubles. [Perhaps her charity work is another escape mechanism for her?]

Early reports indicated she has perhaps been on a cocaine binge. That news was quickly erased with stories nearly every gossip website ran about the star doing whip-its, huffing the laughing gas out of whipped cream cans in a very Harry Highschool maneuver. But then the 911 call was released and folks started to suspect Demi Moore is dealing with addiction and weight loss issues that are far more serious. She apparently had been smoking something called Spice with her daughter Rumor Willis and a bunch of her celebrity friends (still unidentified) at her home in California when she collapses, started having seizures, was unable to regulate her body temperature, and only partially returned to consciousness before an ambulance quickly arrived.

During the drama taking place, estranged husband Ashton Kutcher was working on a photo shoot in Brazil. Lots of paparazzi showed pictures of him partying away into the wee hours of the night. But once he really got word that his wifey has nearly slipped away from the world, he rushed home to her Hollywood hospital bedside. Now, folks are not being as critical of him (although many still blame him for what has happened to her thanks to his brazen public affair over the celebrity couple’s sixth wedding anniversary with aspiring actress turned celebrity mistress Sarah Leal).

But, like Kirstie Alley says, all chances of fame (rather than infamy) in Hollywood are not lost for Demi Moore. Director Patty Jenkins has expressed her confidence in Demi as well, saying the Ghost actress and supporter of Artists for Peace and Justice has what it takes and is doing much better than what rumors would have people believe. Demi’s reps have attributed her hospitalization to exhaustion.

Her friends and family are all being supportive as well — except for Rumor Willis. The daughter of Demi and ex-husband Bruce Willis seems to be a die-hard party girl. Oddly enough, she’s been seen out partying with her mom regularly since her celebrity split and one has to wonder whether her celebrity mom has been a bad influence on her or if she has taken advantage of her mother’s emotional weakness at this point and become a bad influence on her.

Best wishes to the star humanitarian. We hope she gets a little peace and justice of her own. And some much-needed rest. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that her career has not fallen to such a low point that we see her taking on the challenge of appearing on a reality TV drama like Celebrity Rehab or a hit competition show like Dancing With The Stars quite yet.