Celebrity Death: How will Whitney Houston’s daughter react to mom dying?

How did Whitney Houston die? The pop music singer was discovered in the bathtub of her Beverly Hills, California hotel room. The singer died of unknown causes said early reports, the police not ruling out a drug overdose or suicide. But they did now go so far as to suggest what they were thinking other than to say no foul play was suspected. That means it was very likely that no signs of a struggle, forced entry, a rape crisis, or bloody crime evidence was found at the scene. Just an unconscious 48-year-old singer lying in a tub at a 5-star luxury resort bathroom, not breathing. Now, worries are shifting to her daughter Krissi. Will she be able to recover from the shocking tragedy?

Whitney Houston daughter KrissiThe Grammy award-winning singer and former blockbuster movie actress was found unresponsive in the bathtub of her hotel room. There was no mention about whether she was wearing clothes or not of if there was water found in the bath at the time of discovery. Paramedics who responded within minutes of being called pronounced her dead on the scene. But they were not too hasty. The medical professionals tried to revive her for 20 minutes says celebrity gossip website TMZ but their efforts were unsuccessful.

Now, friends and family have been left asking the big question, “How did Whitney Houston really die?” After all, she was only 48-years-old, was close to her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown (a.k.a. Krissi) and seemed to be on the right track to make a comeback professionally. What really killed the world-famous celebrity?

The Grammy-winning singer had been in California partying hard but acting in good spirits the night before her death. She was staying at the prestigious Beverly Hilton (the Hilton in Beverly Hills). She was booked as the entertainment for her mentor Clive Davis‘ annual pre-Grammys party on Saturday February 11th. Her body was discovered when folks were wondering where she was and whether or not the aspiring comeback queen needed any help getting ready. There is no word yet whether or not her daughter Krissi or her ex-husband Bobby Brown was by her side the day of her death or the evening before.

People magazine further reported that Clive Davis was shocked but did not let the sad news she was gone ruin his party for everybody. Apparently, he began the event by asking for a moment of silence to honor his deceased prodigy. Before Whitney Houston’s cold body was even removed from the hotel, her celebrity friends had started to party.

While no cause of death was cited immediately, everyone expects to hear that the celeb either died of an overdose, got too drunk and died by passing out and slipping underwater in the bath, or from a heart attack or massive stroke induced by partying.

Concern is now shifting to her only daughter — Bobbi Kristina Brown. The daughter or Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Krissi, was caught using drugs herself last year. Family members and industry insiders are concerned that she will take the news of her mother’s death hard. They hope she will be able to get the help she needs rather than following in the footsteps of her famous parents.

Both of them have had legal problem and checked in and out of rehab for addictions issues over the years. The divorced celebrity couple always tried to keep their relationship with their daughter positive and people say Krissi (Whitney’s daughter) was extremely close to her mother in the years before her death.

TMZ gave even more cause for concern when they reported, “According to law enforcement sources … Bobbi Kristina showed up on the 4th floor of the Beverly Hilton several hours after Whitney’s death. We’re told when officers informed her no one was allowed to see the body — BK screamed, cursed and demanded to see her mother.”

If she does not get professional help dealing with her mother’s death, she’s likely to turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Or worse. She might become even more self-destructive and fritter away any inheritance she’s likely to have been left, squandering it all footing the bill for the next big Hollywood teen or twenty-something party.

As recently as March, 2011, entertainment news source Radar Online reported, “If Krissi doesn’t stop soon, this addiction to cocaine will kill her!” They caught the whole thing on camera when the young girl was out having fun with friends at an Atlanta, Georgia house party.

What do you think — do you have a message for Whitney Houston’s daughter about how to deal with the unexpected death of a parent? Leave your advice and condolences for the family in the comments section below.