DWTS Mark Ballas giving free dance lessons (if you are a Kardashian)?



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DWTS Mark Ballas giving free dance lessons (if you are a Kardashian)?

[Jul. 21]

Dancing With The Stars dance pro Mark Ballas became nationally famous when he danced with celebrity dance partner Bristol Palin. He really started to shine as a choreographer when he partnered with Disney Princess Chelsea Kane. But now, he has hitched his wagon to a brighter reality television star — none other than the most famous of the Kardashian sisters, TV personality and super model Kim Kardashian. The talented dance instructor is giving free dance lessons to Kim K and her fiancĂ© Kris Humphries to prepare them both for their very public first dance at their upcoming wedding.

Over 1,000 guests are expected to attend the Kim K nuptials, so it is no wonder the celebrity couple has turned to America’s premier dance instructor to help them both get ready to wow the audience.

There is no word about whether or not Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are going to be learning basic ballroom dance steps or if Mark Ballas will be choreographing a more advanced professional looking dance routine.

As NBA player Kris Humphries is so tall — towering near 7 feet — and Kim K is so short (rumored to be a mere 5’3″ tall) — Ballas will have his work cut out for him [making the star celebs dance look effortless, graceful, and easy].

Mark Ballas confirmed to a TMZ videographer from their Paparazzi team that he is in fact giving the celebrity couple dance lessons — and that he is not billing Kim K anything for his time. Why? Because he claims the two are friends.

Let’s hope Kim Kardashian donates the $300 per hour dance fee mark Ballas waived to his favorite charity. Why? Because when you are that rich and powerful, to take professional favors from friends with less money than you and not at least offer to pay or give a donation in their name to that person’s favorite charity is an unwise way to use star power.

Green Celebrity Stats: Mark Ballas

Pro dancer Mark Ballas is a great kid. The twenty-something son of DWTS Corky Ballas and ballroom dance champ Shirley Ballas, he is a talented dancer, singer, musician, and choreographer. Best friends with fellow Dancing With The Stars pro Derek Hough, he’s actively used his connection with the arts to help promote a variety of charity causes. Here’s a recent clip of Mark Ballas promoting an all-star celebrity athlete dance-a-thon to benefit cancer charities. A healthy and fitness advocate as well as a humanitarian, we here at GCN expect to see great things from him.