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Saving Green: What is the Lipstick Index?

There is an advantage to women choosing to keep buying cosmetics even though times are tough. Some of the new eco-friendly cosmetic lines that have been marketed to the average woman by green celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Lopez, and Taylor swift are getting a sales boost as ladies across the nation wean themselves off buying the overpriced and often not cruelty-free department store stuff. What is the Lipstick Index and how does the phenomenon affect the green products industry? Keep reading…

Celebrity Homes: George Clooney talks Lake Como real estate news

Actor George Clooney recently made a guest appearance on The David Letterman Show to promote his new movie The Ides of March. During his celebrity interview, the famous movie star joked about quite a few topics like growing old, his celebrity status, and Hollywood friends like Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosseling. He also mentioned real estate — namely, his luxury home on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. His tall tale of the night about the world-famous property was certainly funny. Want to know more about Hollywood star George Clooney and his celebrity home overseas in Italy? Keep reading…

Nancy Grace razzed by TMZ for farting on live TV (DWTS 2011)

Nancy Grace is a competitor on Season 13 of Dancing With The Stars. Her last dance on Story Night was dedicated to her twins. Nancy told a sad tale about struggling through child-birth in a battle for her life as an emergency C Section had to be done to save her life and that of her kids. But she let more loose than a sob story says TMZ — who are claiming that Grace actually farted during her live interview with host Brooke Miller following the dance and while waiting to hear the judges scoring.