Rumor mills report Bradley Cooper dating hot blue chick from Avatar?

People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Bradley Cooper, is rumored to be dating Zoe Saldana, the Avatar hottie from Star Trek. The two allegedly hooked up as friends with benefits just weeks after she became single, a source tells E! News. Reps for the actress claimed at the time that the two were just friends, but an insider says they’re “totally dating.” What gives? Is Bradley Cooper really hooking up with the hot blue chick from Avatar?

Who is Zoe SaldanaActress Zoe Saldana had been dating boyfriend Keith Britton for the last 11 years and called off their engagement in November. Since then, the star celebs who co-star in The Words (a new movie scheduled to be released later in 2012) had a little kissing practice on the set of that film. After wrapping, they were spotted together at a Manhattan night club over the holidays. Yes, the rumor mills reports are saying sexy Saldana is dating actor Bradley Cooper. [Sources claiming to know the celeb couple personally also say Cooper and Saldana had plans to get a little cozy on a holiday trip to the Rockies together.] But are the celebrity dating rumors true — and what could those two possibly have in common besides being sexy and fit star celebs?

Since his break-up with Renee Zellweger last year, the Hangover actor has been spotted hitting up a number of Hollywood hotties, most recently Jennifer Lopez, according to BET. If Cooper and Saldana are getting serious, just how serious is it going to be for Cooper, who some are calling a serial monogamist Hollywood starlet dater? So Feminine UK reports, “The 36-year-old actor – who split from Renee Zellweger earlier this year and has previously been linked to the likes of [American Idol judge and Latina role model] Jennifer Lopez and [vegetarian] Olivia Wilde – recently admitted romancing a fellow celebrity can be more trouble-free as they understand life in the spotlight.”

And what of Sci-Fi star Zoe Saldana? Is dating the Sexiest Man Alive merely a rebound move for the star celeb following the breakup of her long-term live-in relationship? Sources seem to think not, saying that the two have been telling family and friends about the budding relationship. You don’t tell family unless it’s serious, right? Unless, that is, your name is not as well-known as your face and you have a new movie coming out that could really use some free press.

[We hope the rumor mills stories were not planted, in that case.]

If the hot interracial celebrity couple is dating, it could be good news for charity and helping make people more colorblind to mixed race relations. Green, blue, black, or white, what’s the difference? When wondering about what these two hotties have in common off camera and away from the red carpet lifestyle of Hollywood, there are some distinct similarities and some very provocative distinctions that each may find attractive about the other.

Humanitarian Bradley Cooper does extensive work with LeAp (Learning through the Expanded Arts Program), helping inner city children in NYC (so he is certainly no uptight white guy) and Zoe Saldana works to reduce inner city problems as well through the Los Angeles Mission. Their charity causes might be the romantic tie that unites them. Additionally, the green celebrity actress supports H.E.L.P. Malawi, a program dedicated to providing housing and educational opportunities for over one million impoverished children in Malawi. More of an internationally recognized celebrity than he is might help him expand his star power and allow him to experience supporting a wider range of international charities.

Considering all the break-ups over the 2011 holiday season, it would be nice to see a couple of charitable star celebs actually getting together in 2012 instead of falling apart. Celebrity charity recently took a big hit when rumors that green celebrity Katy Perry and humanitarian actor Russell Brand had split proved true, as did fans of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher when news broke about their divorce.

Will Cooper really hook up long-term with gorgeous Zoe Saldana? If he does, we bet his real fan base would totally support him in doing it.

“Bradley Cooper is reportedly dating Zoe Saldana after the pair grew close while appearing alongside each other in upcoming movie ‘The Words’ earlier this year…” said So Feminine UK, providing one example of a positive media news report about them getting serious — a vote of confidence from the women.

Plus, what Trekkie guy would not tell Bradley to hook up with the super hot actress and model who was the face and figure of the blue chick? What red-blooded American guy would not be in it to win it of he were given half a chance to romance such an iconic beauty — one with that bright smile and gorgeous figure… (and yes, that question is rhetorical).

She’s gorgeous inside and out. Anybody who does not see that and would refuse to date her if she was interested would have to be an idiot.