How did Whitney Houston die and why are Police so quiet about it?

How did Whitney Houston die and why are Police keeping quiet about it? Celebrated singer and actress Whitney Houston was found unresponsive by a member of her entourage at her Beverly Hilton hotel room the day before she was scheduled to perform at a pre-Grammy party. Word is, she was found underwater in a bathtub. Sources think she may have overdosed accidental on a cocktail of prescription drugs, causing her to pass out and drown while bathing. Now, fans are starting to compare the investigation of her death with that of Michael Jackson. With the King of Pop gone and Dr. Conrad Murray serving jail time for failing to properly care for his patient, are the police getting ready to go after whoever might have given the diva the wrong cocktail of pills — even if they were prescription?

RIP Whitney HoustonIn recent years, the star celeb and winner of six Grammys Whitney Houston struggled with addictions to cocaine, alcohol, and pills. Her reps are saying only that the singer died. They have confirmed disturbing details that her body was discovered at the Beverly Hilton in the bathroom specifically. They think her bodyguard was the one who found her but a family member claims she was there and tried to revive her (so there are conflicting stories about her death starting to emerge already).What is clear is that news of the singer’s death has rocked the music world to the core and is having a profound impact on her family already.

Police say paramedics tried unsuccessfully to revive her for over 20 minutes in the bathroom of the Beverly Hills hotel where she was found unresponsive. No one is saying what the autopsy results have revealed yet — including the police. So it’s up to the rumor mills to speculate on the real cause of death.

Houston supposedly had been off illegal drugs recently, and though no reports have surfaced to the contrary about her using anything like cocaine, marijuana, or anything more sordid, there is speculation she was on something and passed out. TMZ has said that one likely target of police investigation will be — you guessed it — prescription drugs.

The police have put a security gag on releasing the autopsy and toxicology reports until they can figure out whether she was on drugs for recreational at the time of her death or if she was taking an unsafe level of prescription pharmaceuticals. The autopsy results might tell them more about what really happened. If she really had water in her lungs the cause of death would be drowning — not an overdose.But it’s what caused the singer to lapse into unconsciousness that becomes a potentially criminal issue.

The entire incident is chilling, quite similar to when the police put a security block on the records release regarding the death of Michael Jackson. In the end, they were able to convict Dr. Conrad Murray because of the way the protected vital information in the case. While Michael Jackson stopped breathing because the drugs his doctor gave him caused him to fall so sound asleep that his system stopped working, a doctor who might have given Whitney Houston a prescription could have caused her to fall so sound asleep that she downed in her 5-Star luxury hotel suite.

But no one was with Whitney or giving her intravenous drugs at the time she died. In all actuality, she should have been getting ready to perform live at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party. She was supposed to perform for her celebrity friends that same evening. So who are police looking at to take responsibility for Whitney Houston’s death at this point in the case?

The Grammy winner had been seen on the town earlier in the week, presumably partying it up at Tru Hollywood for “Kelly Price & Friends Unplugged: For The Love Of R&B Grammy Party”. But only one source has come forward so far to say she was drinking heavily the day of her death — other friends say she seemed fine the night before while she was celebrating the Grammys nominations with them.

Sources tell TMZ, Whitney Houston “partied heavily” last night at the Beverly Hilton hotel where she was staying, drinking and chatting loudly with friends in the bar — but Cissy Houston and Dionne Warwick claim the singer sounded fine just hours before her death.

E! Online reported her as seeming pretty chipper, quoting her as saying, “I’m back home. I’m back home where I belong.” The inference (of course) was that “home” for Whitney Houston was the spotlight, where the award-winning celeb was accustomed to being and arguably did belong.

Her struggles with drug abuse and addiction had kept her out of the spotlight for some time (but not out of the rumor mills reports). Sources close to the star celeb reported Houston really seemed upbeat and happy, though others said she seemed dazed and confused.

Fox News reported:

In the interview, Houston blamed her [drug addiction on her] rocky marriage to Brown, which included a charge of domestic abuse against Brown in 1993. They divorced in 2007.

Houston would go to rehab twice before she would declare herself drug-free to Winfrey in 2010. But in the interim, there were missed concert dates, a stop at an airport due to drugs, and public meltdowns.

Is it possible Ms. “I Will Always Love You” suffered a tragic medical trauma — rather than an emotional breakdown — after managing to finally recover from her addiction to living a dysfunctional lifestyle with Bobby Brown and her tangentially related drug abuse issues?

As a woman who battled drug addiction but aspired to be a green celebrity, she recorded a chart-topping rendition of The Star Spangled Banner during her special guest appearance at the 1991 Super Bowl, then donated her royalties to the Red Cross. And she’s supported the United Service Organization. And in 1997, she performed for an HBO concert and raised over $300,000 for the Children’s Defense Fund.

Does this sound like the kind of star celeb who wanted to die or who was really interested in having a relapse while she was getting her singing career back on track? It’s hard to believe she would commit suicide or act recklessly with the dosage she took of any prescription sedative. What’s more, why — when she was supposed to be getting dressed — would she intentionally take sleeping pills and climb into a bathtub for a nap when so many people were waiting to see the diva all glammed up and to hear her sing?

It’s nonsensical, really.

To that end, the police might want to investigate if pills were switched in a bottle by a pharmacy tech or the dose for any prescription meds were too high for her body weight before they release the toxicology reports. And, they might want to investigate if she had been partying on the down low before they go wagging their blame finger at anyone in the medical community.

We don’t want think of superstar Whitney Houston as someone who went down the same road as other celebrity drug addicts like known user Amy Winehouse and [alleged habitual user] Michael Jackson, but at this point the deduction is looking unavoidable.

Folks who feel guilty about calling Houston out on the red carpet for her lifestyle now can do so without feeling bad if they recognize that the poor woman struggled with a medical problem. Drug addiction is a disease and patients regularly relapse. Even People said Houston’s rep confirmed she was in rehab as late as May 2011.

Let’s hope other Hollywood stars who wrestle with addiction like Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen pay attention and clean up their acts, respectively. The loss to charity and humanitarian causes is too much when such great talents leave the world needlessly.

Our hearts go out to Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston’s only child (an 18-year-old daughter). She was taken to the hospital herself and treated for stress and exhaustion after flipping out about her mother’s death. Her father, Bobby Brown, the man who introduced Whitney to drugs like crack cocaine allegedly, flew to LA on February 12th, the day after his ex-wife died, so he could console their little girl Krissi (as Bobbi Kristine is known to friends and family).

Krissi Brown has already been caught using drugs and alcohol and the fear is she will turn to the dark side and end up like her celebrity mom — in a grave far too early. Since reports are coming out that she’s suicidal and hysterical over the death of her mother and claiming she does not live in a world without her mother in it, the situation for the young girl looks dire. Will she be able to rise above this tragedy? Hopefully with grace and ease.

Leave your thoughts and prayers for Whitney Houston’s daughter and family in the comments section below. Why do you think she died, really? Was a medical doctor to blame as was found in the case of Michael Jackson’s death and Dr. Murray? Feel free to add news update links with more breaking news about the life and death of Whitney Houston.