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Pumpkin Carving Stencils: Hot trends for Halloween pumpkins includes Twilight, Harry Potter

Halloween is BIG business for United States websites that specialize in selling merchandise for this spooky holiday. The following holiday websites might be giving stencils away free, but don’t be fooled. Advertising is where it’s at on these websites — and that’s the big green news. The side bars are full of Halloween related ads selling everything from Halloween costumes to cake decorating to travel destinations. With every Holiday ad you see online, it’s one less cut down tree. Support businesses that are going green with online advertising by clicking on at least one interesting ad you see on every site you visit this month to go green for Halloween! Read more here about the movie theme pumpkin carving stencil patterns that spent week two of 2010 trending on Twitter and Google Trends.

Does Avatar director James Cameron have the hots for Angelina Jolie?

While the thought of James Cameron slam dunking Angelina Jolie makes our tummies a bit queasy, we have to admit he has a point.

No matter how many people get angry that the lead role in Cleopatra — the epic history film remake — is not being played by a black woman… still — it IS being played by Angelina Jolie.

If the real purpose behind all movies is to make art, to have Jolie follow in the footsteps of Elizabeth Taylor rather than literal history might not be such a bad thing.

If Cameron’s artistic vision includes Jolie, let it and her and them be.

The only trouble comes into play if youngsters are told the film is an accurate port

Brad Pitt dedicated to green building cities and sustainable futures worldwide

Go Green Celebrities!

Brad Pitt studies green building as a hobby, but his commitment to seeing the Unites States and global communities create sustainable cities worldwide is his life’s work ambition when he is not in front of the cameras or red carpet bright lights.

Pitt and other green celebrities in Hollywood have given their celebrity endorsements to a green building charity benefit organization called Global Green USA. Here’s a list of Brad Pitt celebrity friends who stand with him in the fight for sustainable lifestyle trends.