Lady Gaga Grammys outfit a leather dress with armor butt pads (no yolk)?

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Lady Gaga egg hatching outfit surpassed only by her own fashionable black leather butt pads armor outfit?

[Feb. 16]

Lady Gaga’s Black Leather Armor Fashion at the Grammy’s had style say the trendy Twitter fame monsters (no yolk).

Lady Gaga egg was her arrival on the Grammys red carpet. She emerged from the egg during the 53rd annual Grammy Awards on stage perfroming her new single ‘Born This Way’ and ended up in armor. Well, sort of.

Lady Gaga’s black leather armor dress complete with giant butt pads made the celebrity singer look diminuitive.

More of a Gen Y fashion homage to the retro Gen X Madonna Vogue heyday than a curtail, Lady Gaga took to her seat after the perfromance of ‘Born This Way’ and she had a black armor on, complete with bubble in all the right places to let’s just say protect the assets.

Twitter fans are still calling it the leather but pads to this day as they swirl tweet rumors and celebrity fashion gossip about all the 2011 Grammy perfromances and star celebs outfits on the red carpet.

The black leather bodice along with the vest and black boots looked more like a unifrom that arrived on an enlisted individual. Taking few orders, there were no pants per se with skin showing on her arms and legs to reveal that the armor was all fashion.

The Grammy Awards 2011 had Lady Gaga picking up an award, sharing a new song, but this armor was overlooked as her egg-citing entrance on the red carpet had everyone asking what this new fashion was.

While the entertainer didn’t emerge until after hitting the stage, it was definitely the best. As for her armor fashion, seen when she was talking about her award and thanking everyone from her fans to Whitney Houston that we realized just how cute this leather look with the long blonde pony tail celebrity hairstyle looked.

Plus, it was a fashion that looked comfortable (bet that egg was a yolk of a place to be).