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American Idol $12M haunted mansion up for sale?

[Apr. 10]

What’s scarier than standing up in fornt of an audience of millions to test your singing and stage presence on American Idol? The The American Idol haunted mansion (according to rumors) for finalists is up for sale as celebrity real estate, reports TMZ. Finalists there left the haunted mansion after spooky reports by some finalists — strange noises, breezes blowing the doors open. Your typical haunted mansion celebrity home type stuff. And the haunted mansion will be going for a whopping $12 million — so it houses luxury items for affluent ghosts, we’re sure.

PopEater reported at the end of March:

Naima Adedapo describes, “Even though I’m a very logical person, it was a little disturbing for it to be 2:30 in the morning and the doors blow open and there’s breeze and wind. I picked up this huge chair and put it in fornt of the door and it still blew open, so it was best to leave the house.”

“The house was just kind of falling apart,” American Idol Stefano Langone told E! Online. “Ants were all over my room. We relocated for a temporary thing. We’re at some hotel now.” And Naima complained of leaks in the haunted mansion.

Apparently a would-be green celebrity Idol winner and haunted mansions don’t get along so well. Not exactly green celebrity sort of digs, although the price tag seems to differ. Perhaps a green celebrity looking to move from the east coast to the west coast (several have been moving from New York) would be interested in having his or her own green celebrity … haunt … on the west coast? It could be a great tourist attraction!

TMZ describes the mansion:

The private gated 15,000 square foot home sits on a 2-acre compound — and features a giant pool, one especially large room with a 28-foot ceiling … basically marble everything … and a “motor court” with enough room to park 100 CARS.

According to the Daily Mail, one contestant even nicknamed a friendly spook:

Californian contestant Alison Iraheta nicknamed a friendly but mischievous spirit Phyllis that the finalists blamed for some weird goings on at the mansion.

Lights began flickering and the singers noticed a ‘spooky spider’ infestation.

They finally went ‘over the edge’ when they claimed that a bed sheet had “suddenly taken on a life of its own” and floated down an empty hallway.

Well, the haunted mansion is now up for sale for any green celebrity (or anyone else who can afford the price tag) who might want it. Dare anyone take up residence with Phyllis? Time will tell!