Prince William and Kate’s Royal Wedding Invitations Scandal Uncovered?




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Talk about your royal wedding scandal… counterfeit wedding invitations circulate?

[Mar. 2]


The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is one of the biggest international news stories of the year. William and Kate, Prince William and Kate Middleton, spent a great deal of time conscientiously going over the guest list for the event scheduled to happen on April 29, 2011. Now, however, it looks like one unscrupulous vendor is selling a counterfeit wedding invitation on the black market.

ABC News reports:

A man claiming to work for the printing firm that produced the royal wedding invitations attempted to sell contraband invitations to an undercover reporter, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The reporter was contacted by a Los Angeles-based royal memorabilia dealer, who had been approached by the man trying to sell the counterfeit invitation.

The blank invitation shown to a reporter for the London newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, was almost identical to the authentic invites — missing only two dotted lines beneath where the names of the guests are written. In exchange for the black market goods, the man asked for 2,000 pounds ($3,200), also promising he could supply more.

The Wedding Invitations look like the real deal Royals invitation. Surprisingly simplistic, the white invitations specify who gets in with invitations, which specific guests are allowed to join them, and the names on the guest list where guests sit by both section and row for the royal wedding ceremony are already assigned and cleared as both a matter of security as well as social status. Invitations to any Royal Family function are an honor.

A Wedding Invitation to the Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding is all that more priceless after the tragic loss of his celebrity mother Princess Diana and the downfall of his aunt Sarah Ferguson on national television. In addition, the fact that the celebrity couple is electing to keep the wedding a smaller event makes the news of a Royal Wedding Invitations scandal all the more… scandalous. Because even family members like Fergie are not invited.

That’s why wedding invitations are such hot property, the Family Matters of royals. To get an invite to Westminster Abby for the ceremony or the special event at Buckingham Palace would be extraordinary.

To be able to spend the day with the son of green celebrity Prince Charles — an avid fan of green cars and sustainable farming — celebrating his son’s marriage to the lovely commoner Kate Middleton would be a delight.