Royal Wedding Trivia: Kate Middleton wedding dress top secret?

Royal Wedding!

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress kept secret until the last-minute?

[Apr. 28]

It’s no strange news that Kate Middleton is keeping her wedding dress secret until the day of the royal wedding between her and Prince William. However, there are many rumors floating around as to who the designer may be, what style she might wear, and more. One rumor has it that designer Sarah Burton may be the choice.

Yesterday afternoon, someone was spotted, obviously trying to hide herself, sneaking into the Goring Hotel amid a crowd of photographers. But some speculation has pointed out the style of dress the woman wore, in spite of the “trapper” hat that hid the woman’s face and hair. The Telegraph reports that the woman was wearing a signature belt buckle and ballet pumps that designer Sarah Burton wears.

The Telegraph reports:

The distinctive silver link belt slotted through the waistband of her jeans was identical to the one favoured by Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen, as were the ballet pumps.

Burton, the Manchester-born designer, who has imbued the radical British brand with a robust femininity and breathtaking feeling of historical romance, is not often photographed. But when she is, the metal belt, buckled, and then individually slotted backwards, and the flat pumps, are present.

We do know that Prince Harry‘s on-again girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, chose Alberta Ferretti to design two dresses for the royal wedding day. One for the royal wedding ceremony itself, and a floor-length gown for afterward, according to USA Today. But still no word on the bride’s dress, beyond speculation.

In scandalous fashion, however, Jessica Simpson has said that her wedding dress will be even better than that of Kate Middleton, and she’ll have some extra time to try to top the design for the woman who could be queen. Gather says Simpson already has picked out a pair of heels, which probably will outdo Kate’s shoes, considering Simpson doesn’t have to walk the length of Westminster Abbey.

But I guess you’ll just have to wait for the royal wedding tomorrow to see what Kate Middleton and Prince William have in store for the world. You can watch it on any number of television networks, or you can catch it on a live stream on the internet.