Michelle Bachmann steals Tom Petty anthem American Girl for Tea Party?



Tea Party Scandal!

Michelle Bachmann stealing American Girl song from Tom Petty?

[Jun. 28]

She has been asked to stop by the songwriter and has been presented with a legal document to cease and desist, but Tea Party presidential hopeful has continues to willfully misappropriate a Tom Petty song to help promote a Michelle Bachmann orchestrated Obama take down. The classic rock song American Girl is always a party crowd favorite — but not one for public use at political demonstrations when a candidate claims the music as his or her theme song without the permission of the artist. Back when George W. Bush was president, his campaign organizers were asked (told) not to play the “I Won’t Back Down” song that the rocker wrote and prefromed enthusiastically for millions during his concert tours of the nations. While he was not anti-soldier, he was anything but pro-Republicans.That’s why at the time he made old George W. pull the song from his DJ playlist in 2002 — as he was using it to promote himself and his political agenda, one Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were heartbroken to hear because they did not agree with him.

But Michelle Backmann, as a Tea Party candidate, thinks that somehow she is different. She’s accused Barack Obama of being un-patriotic, asked Sarah Palin who, and now has proclaimed herself the “American Girl” candidate.

The problem is, you can’t steal a song and use it as a marketing jingle without the permission of it’s writer, creator, singer, or copyright holder. Just because someone likes the Oscar Meyer song does not mean they could appropriate it for a political campaign run for mayor (think Anthony Weiner).

Now, after having received the cease and desist letter from Petty, Bachmann seems to have ordered the song be played after a speech in South Carolina.

Reports Tom Petty is peeved with the Tea Party in general and the presidential hopeful were confirmed by Rolling Stone Magazine June 28th. As such, knowing she is willfully refusing to stop using the song to market herself as the right girl for the job in 2012 will most likely make the rocker 1) more famous while increasing song sales and 2) inclined to follow through with his promise he will take legal action unless she stops stealing music from him.

What is this girl thinking? In a free world market and capitalist system, she’s doing the legal equivalent of running up to his store, stealing what she wants from inside, and making a raspberry face at him when he claims the intellectual property and copyright laws give ownership to him.