The Bachelor Breakup: Brad and Emily confirm split to People magazine?



The Bachelor Breakup!

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard confirm relationship breakup to People magazine?

[Jun. 29]

Like America did not see this one coming! Bachelor Brad Womack and Emily Maynard have officially broken up. The Bachelor who dumped the perfect girl Chantel for the deficient Emily is officially a single man again. Will ABC bring him on as a bachelor again? Maybe on a Bachelorette episode this time? Some fans are wondering if he will try to rekindle his romance with Chantel — the girl he shamed so deeply — now that the inevitable break-up with the pink and green floral home decorator and he have called it quits. As a hot single guy, Womack pretty much has his pick of girls wherever he goes, He is fit, tan, and has a winning smile that is charming with present. He’s also distant, emotionally unavailable at times, and a bit mysterious. He loves being an uncle and playing with kids, but has none of his own yet, so for a divorced mom with kids he’s a dream guy. Sadly, he was not Ken to the Emily Barbie — or maybe he was. After all, even those two crazy Matel dolls are not married yet.

Regarding the celebrity split, Hollywood Life shared the following celebrity interview quotes from Brad and Emily. They write:

  • Brad wasn’t ready to be a dad: “He didn’t understand why I couldn’t go on a random vacation the next day. It’s hard for me to say, ‘I am so tired, I want to go to bed at 8,’ and for him to understand … It’s hard to convey what it’s like to be a parent to somebody that has no idea.”
  • Emily wishes they had met at church: “I feel confident that had we lived in the same city and met at church, we could have made it.”
  • Brad’s temper. Even he admits it: “I would get so angry and would feel almost violated. I would keep those feelings bottled up, and by the time I had the chance to speak to Em…I would let that negative emotion come flooding out, and it was almost as if she was being attacked.”

When you add together all those things and mix in live video footage of Brad Womack romancing 30 other women on camera, it is no wonder Emily decided Brad was not the guy for her — and to realize she really was not special. While Brad definitely knew she was a catch, he totally dropped the right girl (Chantel) for the wrong one (who did not love him).

Mr. Dumass, Brad Womack is — he could have had a fab life with Chantel! Emily got the fame she wanted and the travel opportunities without needing to emotionally invest herself beyond the show contract, she’s likely to be the next Bachelorette after all the guys on the current season whining and complaining that they got Ashley H. as the consolation prize when Chantel told the show producers to allegedly stuff it, and she’ll make a fortune off dumping a man everyone knew would never be ready to commit.