Celebrity Babies: Denise Richards new baby adopted domestically, why?



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American Denise Richards adopts new baby girl domestically, not overseas?

[Jun. 30]

While star celebs like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted children abroad from third world countries, all-American girls like Denise Richards and new single mom Sandra Bullock chose to adopt a child domestically. Why didn’t they adopt a baby overseas? Adopting a child is a difficult process. It requires extensive paperwork, typically lengthy interviews and home visits, and takes a great deal of time under the best of circumstances. While adopting a puppy from you local animal shelter now takes more time and trouble than it used to, so does adopting a new baby. If you adopt a child domestically, the amount of travel you have to do is limited — and for Denise Richards, was most likely a factor in deciding where to adopt her new baby.

Celebrity babies not pets

If you adopt a pet from a pet fair or local animal shelter, you complete paperwork to start the adoption proceedings. You have to provide evidence of financial ability to provide for your new pet. You also have to provide ownership certification of your house or a letter from a landlord saying you are able to adopt a pet. More serious pet rescue shelters even arrange home visits where they check to make sure your house is what you say; they check to make sure you have the proper living area, bedroom space, and outdoor areas for an animal to thrive and play.

In simple adoption terms, when someone adopts a baby, they have to prove similar proof. Adoption agencies typically look for financially qualified applicants with living spaces already in place that can accommodate a new baby or is age appropriate for a child. They check financial records and history of stability as potential parent(s). If someone already has kids, home visits and observations are all a part of process routine. While determining fitness, if an older child is being adopted, they are able to meet with potential parents and also are able (many times) to work with psychologists who act more like family guidance counselors. These trained professionals help the child and new adoptive parents blend their family seamlessly. There is not as much support available overseas.

If you adopt overseas, the process involves lengthy flight times to foreign countries. Typically, one may visit an orphanage more than once. While much of the paperwork can be done in advance, there are language barriers to overcome (depending on whether or not a prospective mom or dad speak that country’s native tongue), costly trips, and big payments are often involved.

Celebrity moms

Actress Sandra Bullock was living in the United States and co-parenting young step-children fathered by ex-husband Jesse James at the time she initiated adoption proceedings. Her son Louis came from the New Orleans area where both she and he now reside to this day. Adopting an American child gave her the chance to give back to the community by taking in a child in need. Adopting a new baby from where she planned to make her home limited her commute time away from her step-kids exponentially.

Denise Richards is a single parent with two young daughters. Regarding the domestic adoption, People reports, “Denise and Eloise’s big sisters couldn’t be happier and feel incredibly blessed.” Shortly after adoption news broke, Richards posted, “Thank you all for your sweet messages,” on Twitter. For the ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen and mother of Lola (6) and Sam (7), domestic adoption [due to less travel and time involvement] may have simply worked for them.

Congratulations to new celebrity baby Eloise! You found a new mom and 2 big sisters who are the best.