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Michelle Bachmann steals Tom Petty anthem American Girl for Tea Party?

Tea Party Scandal!

Michelle Bachmann stealing American Girl song from Tom Petty?

[Jun. 28]

She has been asked to stop by the songwriter and has been presented with a legal document to cease and desist, but Tea Party presidential hopeful has continues to willfully misappropriate a Tom Petty song to help promote a Michelle Bachmann orchestrated Obama take down. The classic rock song American Girl is always a party crowd favorite — but not one for public use at political demonstrations when a candidate claims the music as his or her theme song without the permission of the artist. Back when George W. Bush was president, his campaign organizers were asked (told) not to play the “I Won’t Back Down” song that the rocker wrote and preformed enthusiastically for millions during his concert tours of the nations. While he was not anti-soldier, he was anything but pro-Republicans.That’s why at the time he made old George W. pull the song from his DJ playlist in 2002 — as he was using it to promote himself and his political agenda, one Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were heartbroken to hear because they did not agree with him.

The Bachelorette 2011: Will Ben F or JP make it to the rose ceremony?

The Backelorette 2011!

Will Ben F or JP make it to the rose ceremony with Ashley H?

[Jun. 28]

Okay, so we all hate Bentley and are secretly praying that Ashley Hebert wised up about the skeezy player long before she made it seem on the revealed video clips and television series The Bachelorette 2011. But with the clear loser eliminated from the competition, which of the remaining bachelors are the crowd favorites? So far to date, Ashley H got rid of a few okay guys and a bunch of losers.

The boy we all root for is Ames, the Brendan Frasier celebrity look-alike who works as a financial advisor. He is sweet, likely rich, and seems madly in love with Ash, but there is little to no hope that he is going to survive to the rose ceremony. He’s actually lucky to still be alive after the shot to the head he took from Ryan the solar guy when the two engaged in a Thia kickboxing fight on their trip to Thailand.

Celebrity Scandal: Shia LaBeouf lying about Megan Fox hookup?

Celebrity Scandal!

Shia LaBeouf lying about Megan Fox hookup says Harrison Ford?

[Jun. 28]

Megan Fox has been a very naughty girl indeed. While she was dating 90210 actor Brian Austin Green (and supposedly engaged), her Transformers co-star Shia LaBeouf says they had a fling. Can her new marriage survive the infidelity? She and LaBeouf had an electric chemistry on-screen in the blockbuster action adventure movie series. When she was first discovered by Michael Bay and cast as the love interest for him, celebrity gossip reports suggested it was Fox’s chemical romance with Bay that got her the job. Allegedly, she won the role in the first film by—get this—washing his Ferrari. But the romance allegation between her co-star had not been confirmed until now. Maybe, says Defamer magazine. Why? Because later in the same interview (where Shia claims he scored with the actress), Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford calls him an, “unrepentant liar” and indicates it is likely the young actor made up the whole story!