Celebrity Scandal: Jennifer Lopez cheating with Brad Pitt lookalike?



Chemistry obvious between William Levy and Jennifer LopezCelebrity Scandal!

Jennifer Lopez not cheating with Brad Pitt lookalike… at least right now?

[Jul. 25]

They call him the Cuban version of Brad Pitt and say he had an affair with actress, pop music singer, and American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez. Angelina Jolie fans can call off the dogs — because Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez are not fooling around!

William Levy is the name of the man who Cubans say is the Latino version of Brad Pitt. A recent celeb gossip report connected the lookalike value of the two star celebs in an article about the divorce of JLo. Wondering why she and Salsa music singer Mark Anthony are getting divorced, the press was being critical of Jennifer Lopez for her past track record with romance.

Jennifer Lopez, who just turned 42, has young twins with Mark Anthony. The announcement that the celebrity couple were divorcing came as no surprise to many who wondered why she was dating the short and unattractive man in the first place. Major media even speculated that JLo married Mark Anthony and had kids as part of a rebound relationship after she and Ben Affleck split. Both star celebs have done plenty of good deeds as green celebrities during their time together — including advocating for bi-lingual children and women… but their mutual passion for doing charity work just has not been enough to keep love alive in their relationship.

Lopez allegedly took the news hard that Affleck was not only getting married to actress Jennifer Garner but that the two seem perfectly happy together. They have two kids of their own as well.

But Lopez is known for her wandering eye — and always looking at her lovers with a certain “Jenny from the block wants to move up” gaze whenever some hot new man comes around.

Few people realize that Ben Affleck actually wooed her away from her husband at the time they first started fooling around. Mark Anthony was in a relationship when he hooked up with Jennifer Lopez, too. The bad karma involved may have caused the romance to spin out. But then again, it could have been this William Levy character, too.

If Jennifer Lopez was cheating as is the rumor — her attraction to the Cuban Brad Pitt could have easily caused her to stray emotionally as well as physically from her baby daddy husband. So why isn’t she with William Levy now in public? Probably because shortly after the two were supposedly hooking up on the set of one of her videos, the Brad Pitt lookalike got busted for having sex in his hotel room with a minor.

Even though he says it was consensual sex and denies the statutory rape allegations, Lopez — known for having a fragile ego — at 40 something was likely turned off by the new guy’s taste in young girls and cheating behavior.

So no — at least for now — Jenny from the block won’t be tooling around Hollywood or Miami South Beach with her new Latin lover on her arm. She’s also not likely to be spotted with the celebrity lookalike in tow when she goes home to New Jersey or the Jersey Shore this summer either… but the very real fact she has not even come close to Brad Pitt this year (despite misguided rumors and fake celeb gossip reports) is very good to know. Why? Because as green celebs, we like knowing Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez are both humanitarians — but that the two don’t play footsies with one another despite either’s net worth or popularity.

So who is this William Levy guy? Here’s a little trivia about the Latin star: JLo denies romance with William Levy and a video clip of the two star celebs together (so you can watch and decide for yourself if they had chemistry).