Kim Kardashian visit to Children’s Hospital in LA just another press op?

Reality television star Kim Kardashian blogged about her visit to the Children’s Hospital in LA this week. Claiming to be very moved by a little girl named Violet Rose, she wrote a very sweet post about her emotionally challenging visit. While on the surface, her good will seemed to show she had a heart. But before you are sucked in by the pretty picture, notice one thing. Although she’s blogging about a charity benefit visit, she failed to elaborate about ways people could help the charity or to tweet requesting her fans make donations to help families pay for the medical care for sick kids. Were her claims of being moved real or just another bogus press op? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Some reality television stars are shallow. All they seem to care about it club hopping, spending money like crazy on lavish vacations, and shopping for the latest high dollar designer fashions. They act like spoiled children, obsess about themselves all the time, and get married and divorced hotter than the printing presses for the tabloid magazines can cool their jets from writing about their engagement announcements.

But those descriptions don’t fit celebrity Kim Kardashian! After her 72 day wedding to Kris Humphries that’s made her infamous the celebrity socialite has starting taking steps to re-craft her public image. Nowadays, Kim K is the picture of health and emotional wellness.

Yes, ladies and gentleman. The reality TV star famous for her work on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the new hit show Kim and Khloe Take New York (both programs that air on the E! Television Network) is doing her very best to show the world that yes, she does in fact have a heart.

Kim Kardashian wrote a blog post about having such a moving experience at the children’s hospital on her website after her visit.”Yesterday I visited Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where I met this amazing little girl, Violet Rose. This really changes the way you look at life. Thank you SO much to all the incredible doctors and nurses at the Children’s Hospital for all your hard work! Xo (sic).”

That was her entire post. No general donation links to the hospital to help other kids — just two tags… “Children’s Hospital” and “Violet Rose” with the title “I Met The Most Amazing Little Girl”. Of course, she also posted a gorgeous looking pic of herself sitting holding hands with the little girl and the sick child’s mother (and added a hot link to the web page about the little girl).

One Gather news writer said, “After the superficial year that [Kim K] has had, this experience seemed to open her eyes to what is really important in life. While you may think that Kim Kardashian will just go back to her life and not look back on this experience, you might be right, but sometimes it takes something like seeing an innocent child suffering to really open your eyes and make you realize that life is so much more than making money and being successful. Hopefully Kim really did learn something from Violet Rose and will take those lessons with her as she goes through life.”

Spot on, my lady… spot on.

But you know what? One SEO analyst who read her post wisely pointed out, “She [Kim Kardashian or the person who writes the posts for her] could have (at the very least) put in a hot link and second paragraph about how to donate to the hospital or written more about how to help the little girl Violet Rose [to give a bigger boost to her dot org].”

By the way, if you are looking for it, here it is (the link to the children’s hospital Kim Kardashian visited):

Ways to help the Children’s Hospital LA

Furthermore, the charity benefit post is helping put her name in the green news spotlight for her humanitarian cheer. We hope she keeps up the good will and considers asking her millions of Twitter followers to text a code to help kids at the hospital. If everyone gave a dollar who followed Kim K on the social network by sending a hashtag text they found out about after it went viral on twitter, imagine how many lives she could positively affect with only 1 minute of work and 140 characters.

You hear that, Kardashian sisters? You have the ability to use your star power more wisely. Act like real humanitarians now that you are old enough to know how to work the system.

While Kim’s name is still in the top of the news searches for her Children’s Hospital visit, why not organize a charitable fundraiser for them using Twitter and a cell phone company like Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. What about a #violetrose tweet to text drive? Or a #helpingkids drive to raise money for the hospital?

And Kim — please, for the love of sweet baby Violet Rose, get the hot link up about ways to help other kids by making donations to the children’s hospital you and your team of professional photographers, make up artists, and hair stylists clearly visited. They all need help, you know.

Funny enough, she knew how to really effectively embed multiple hot links to all the different Kardashian family official websites in an earlier post about winners of a nail polish give-away she just ran as a verified celebrity on Twitter. But, in her favor she did the right thing by adding a link about how to help baby Violet Rose.