Green Tech: Surf web via Smartphone with Black Google to go green?



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Surf web via Smartphone with Black Google to go green?

[Jun. 7 — Green Product Review]

MC Hammer and Oprah Winfrey are not the only star celebs to notice that green tech is a great thing starting to come available in the 21st century. Recently, a local eco-friendly celeb friend of mine made me aware of an interesting site – Black Google (or The goal of the site is to provide Google search results, but also to help you conserve power on your smart phone. Upon loading their site, you’ll immediately notice the difference. Instead of the traditional white background, you’re presented with a clean page – with a black background. And of course everyone knows green is the new black on red carpets in Hollywood social circles, so web surfing on your Smart Phone using new green tech will make you an eco star in your community!

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To analyze throughput, I loaded Black Google in Firefox, and used my trusty copy of Firebug to assess the impact. It clocked in at an impressive 2.2 Kilobytes. (This is compared to Google’s traditional home page size of 170K.) A subsequent search on the phrase “Green Celebrity” took only an additional 7.1KB of bandwidth.

But even more than the bandwidth, the minimalist CSS provides a crisp interface that’s not only easier on the battery, but also on the eyes. (If you’re like me, you’re a Generation X member who’s made the mistake of waking up in the middle of the night, and turning to your phone – only to be blinded by an all-white browser page.)

According to the company’s website, phones with an AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display will see the greatest power savings. If you’re not sure what type of display you have, consult your manufacturer’s support web site. But regardless of the display, Black Google seeks to save one of the most precious things on your phone – battery life. (Note: Not all displays are guaranteed to save power. For more details, consult the ‘About’ page at the web site.)

Black Google uses Google Custom Search to display it’s search results. This means that you get the same quality results, but with a much more green skin.

Yep — to Generation X members following in the footsteps of socially responsible Baby Boomers, green is the new black (seriously).

So what is missing from the new Black Google web search engine that my green tech loving heart still needs?

If I could request any feature from the Black Google team, it would be a custom widget for my Android-based phone: such a widget could allow me to immediately invoke voice-based search. But even without the widget, I’m sure my battery – and my eyes – will appreciate what Black Google has to offer.

Check out what you will see on your smart phone from your laptop computer or desktop by visiting



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Black Google Mobile search saves battery power, loads faster, uses less bandwidth which saves money, reduces eye strain and looks awesome! Give your battery a break by searching with Black Google Mobile at, the first battery saving search for mobile phones powered by a lightweight Google Custom Search engine.

Black is green with our energy saving search that delivers normal organic web search results and image search results directly from Google with a black background that draws less power than the traditional white background. Any smartphone or desktop computer can benefit while searching. AMOLED display based phones have the greatest known savings with some displays using seven times less power! [4DSystems]

Searching in black is another easy way to conserve at a time when most people are frustrated with their mobile battery life because devices are using more power than ever before. For the best results, set (pronounced “bee-goog”) as your default mobile home page. Doing this will ensure every time your browser loads you will be saving energy and bandwidth, one search at a time! Every little bit helps and it adds up to a massive energy savings with lots of people using it.

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