Teen role model Justin Bieber knows how to help kids in need (donations)

The Biebs has been at it again. The famous humanitarian teen scene celebrity Justin Bieber made another huge donation to a worthy cause — this time, to help grant sick children their biggest wishes. The charitable giving aficionado also donates a portion of the proceeds from his album sales from Under the Mistletoe to help food bank charities, too — making him an ideal role model for your children to look up to and for you to think a Seasons Greetings happy thought about (or tweet if you like sharing good news).

Justin Bieber Christmas Album Justin Bieber is already a charitable giving expert even though he is only a teenager. Thanks to growing up poor and needing to rely on the help of others who donated to places like food banks so he and his mother could sometimes make their way, he’s steadfastly given a good portion of his small fortune away. As a role model, he is helping kids to learn that no good deed goes unpunished — sometimes lending a helping hand can actually bring about good karma that affects the world in a hugely positive way! Think of all the small donations of food gifts people made to the food banks where Justin Bieber and his single mother once ate. Who there was likely to have dreamed that the young man they helped then would grow up to help out so many others one day?

Most recently, the Biebs donated a huge sum of his music mogul mad money to help out other children in need — this time giving away money to help fun wishes for sick children who are trapped in the hospital so many days.

Gossip Cop confirmed the good news that Bieber made a huge charity donation on their celebrity news website they claim is devoted to, “busting bad dish”.

They write:

To say Justin Bieber has gotten into the holiday spirit is an understatement.

The singer – who recently donated $100,000 to a Las Vegas Elementary school, performed a Christmas concert there and then gave the kids $100,000 worth of presents – has done it again!

After taking the stage at a charity concert in Toronto Wednesday night, The Biebs cut a $500,000 check for the local Children’s Wish Foundation.

Their glowing report about the green celebrity really made our day, sounding more like just desserts for giving praise to a young man who uses his star power and special influence as a Hollywood icon the right way.

Want to look more like Justin Bieber?

Forget about trying to have perfect hair or singing and dancing some pop music hip-hop way. Kids, pull up your big boy britches, put on your big girl panties and get to donating that extra gift card money you got from grandma and grandpa to help grant a wish to a sick child this Christmas.

Try acting like a famous humanitarian!

Here’s how to help — donate to the Children’s Wish Foundation today.

Trust us… helping those less fortunate than you is a way to both remember how lucky you are while making a positive difference in someone’s life. Forget about that new pair of flashy and uncomfortable tennis shoes. Donate instead of buying something — your holiday spirit will help give them a day to remember. As an added bonus, you’ll feel great.

If you are a parent or grandparent wondering how to help, buy your kids the Justin Bieber Christmas Album as a thank you. He donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Under the Mistletoe to food bank charities, too.

Proud of the Biebs for growing up good? Send this article to his attention @justinbieber — it’s his official verified celebrity account on Twitter.